Hi there! My name's Ning, and welcome to my website. I write and make art about gods, angels, and stupid teenagers. Feel free to take a look at some of my projects, watch some of my short films and animations, or read more about me.


My Lonely Soldier

A monthly fantasy webcomic about memories, loyalty, and the consequences of being given a sword as an adolescent.


An epistolary webcomic about Beasts who fight wars and mourn lovers. Currently in development with BONK Comics.

A teenager with light skin and short black hair. They hold a knife with a golden blade in front of their face. Behind them is the sun.


Whale Fall

A short story about an angel falling over a medieval civilization. Published in Stork Magazine's Spring 2023 Issue.

My Parents Got Isekai'ed to America

A comic immigration and isekais. Published in Lunchbox Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 1: Echoes.

His Grandmother's Kitchen

A short story about apartment hunting. Published in Lunchbox Magazine, Volume 3, Issue 2: The Taster Issue.

A cartoon cow and pig holding hands and spinning around each other while flowers float around them. A speech bubble reads 'Let's get married!'


A farmer whose face is covered by a horse skull mask. They wear a red cloak and are harvesting wheat using a scythe. At their feet grow daffodils.
A teenage boy stands in the snow, reaching up to hold a snowflake. Surrounding him are comic panels depicting his friends sitting peacefully, deep in thought.
A grassy field covered by a herd of blue sheep, in the middle of which is a demon who looks exasperated. The caption reads 'Ah, it seems I've been thinking too much.'
A demon with golden horns and wings holds onto a leash, which is connected to a golden sheep. Behind the demon and the sheep are various figures who are chaotically shouting, sitting, and talking.


A rabbit wearing earbuds and a woman wearing headphones. The background is a swirled green marble design. In a spiral path around the rabbit are the words 'Down the Rabbit Hole'. At the top is a black header with the words 'Rabbit Hole Radio' written in white text. Below the header are the words 'With DJ Cat'.
A graffiti-style crown, upon which the words 'The Biggest Fan' are written in bubble text. In the lower-left corner is a hand holding a microphone. The words 'With Elizabeth Fuire' are written in the lower right.
An anthropomorphic elk wearing a veil and a golden dress. The elk wears a golden necklace that contains a glowing red gemstone. Golden jewelry with red gemstones hang from their antlers. A close-up reveals a red gemstone embedded into their back.
A messy bedroom with light blue walls and a dark blue carpet. Lying on the floor is a sleeping teenager who has light skin and black hair.

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Instagram: @foxship.art

RedBubble: FoxshipArt